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Suzhou Ribao Technology Co. Ltd.
About Us
Suzhou RIBAO Technology Co. Ltd. (also named Ribao Technology) was founded in 1996 in Suzhou, also known as the [garden city". As a specialized manufacturer of currency counters, coin counters, currency detectors, exchange rate display boards and other cash handling products, Ribao Technology for many famous companies in Europe and America in the cash handling industry. All of our products are CE approved. Ribao Technology has very efficient and highly qualified marketing, technical and production teams. The main members of our company have been in the cash handling industry over 16 years. Our commitment is to provide high quality products and exceptional service. Over the past 10 years Ribao Technology has built up a good reputation of consistently meeting and exceeding our customers` expectations. We are grateful for this opportunity to serve you and look forward to a mutually profitable business relationship.
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  • Its latest piece of research, the Study on the Payment Attitudes of Consumers in the Euro Area, was published in December 2020 and revealed the following key findings for 2019: • 73% of all transactions in the euro area were carried out using cash • Cash represented 48% of the total value of all payments made by consumers • Cards continue to be the second most used payment instrument and contactless technology was used for more than one in three card transactions • On average, euro area citizens made 1.6 POS and P2P transactions per day at an average value of €25.6 • 48% of the POS and P2P transactions were conducted in local shops for day-to-day retail purchases (shops, supermarkets, street markets) and 19% in restaurants, bars, cafés and hotels
  • With an ever-increasing range of digital payments available, it may come as a surprise that demand for physical money-especially high-denomination notes-is also rising, but it shouldn`t. The comfort and security offered by cash in a crisis are as tangible as ever, and in a digital world, the privacy of cash transactions is a unique commodity. In America, and other countries using its currency, demand for dollar bills has been setting new records, reaching $2.09 trillion by the end of 2020. Having risen 16 percent since February that year (pre-pandemic) the figure has also doubled since 2011. So, while COVID-19 has driven a normal surge in cash holdings-with periods of uncertainty typically seeing a rise of currency in circulation as people turn to the dependable security of cash-the upward trend predates the pandemic, which has only accelerated it.
  • Read this news on Europol website, the crime on counterfeits never stop. Ribao Technology's two pockets banknote sorter BCS-160, currency counter BC-55, and our coin sorter CS-910S+ with alloy sensor, pass ECB test since 2013. We certified our machine in European central bank every year. Even in the difficult situation of covid-19, we dispatched our staff from Denmark to Germany and completed the test successfully.
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